Reader Interview of Ayan (The Newbie) @ BYOB Party in Feb 2019

We caught up with Ayan about his reading experiences.

Tell us about your book journey.

My first memory of books is reading The Fountainhead when I was in the twelfth grade. Another book I secretly read during my exams was Catch 22 and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I’ve always enjoyed good mystery thrillers and comedies. Particularly loved The World According to Garp.

It’s only recently that I have started non-fiction. I don’t naturally take to these books but since it helps in team management and leadership it really helps. Books like How to Win Friends and Influence People are a good place to start. I like to keep myself on top of things as you can’t experiment with a team. It’s too risky.

When do you make time to read?

I set aside a specific time in the mornings to read or learn something new via an online course.  Right now, I’m reading The Pillars of Earth by Ken Follet.

Does bingeing on Netflix series affect your reading?

Definitely. If you watch a series for three-four hours, that’s the last straw. You’ll be too tired to read after that.

Kindle or print books?

I understand the benefits of Kindle but I read mostly online, on my phone or laptop. It’s much cheaper and far easier to find books online.

Was great talking to you, Ayan!


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