Reader Interview of Poonam (The Newbie) @ BYOB Party in Feb 2019

We talked to Poonam, a voracious reader, about her book journey.

Tell us about your reading journey.

Well, that’s a long story that is hard to do justice to now. I started reading early on and I was particularly obsessed with the mystery genre-  Agatha Christie and Nora Roberts. I have really not found an Indian author who is that good. Anita Nair has tried her hand at this genre as well.

Do books help you professionally?

Yes. As I am a trainer, the component of storytelling is essential.

Kindle vs Print book?

This depends on various factors. Sometimes I think that Kindle is good when it comes to searching out the notes that I have made. Also Kindle is great for fast reads though I’m fast accumulating a tsunduko pile in my Kindle as well! Comics and coffee table books and more serious fiction is best read in the physical print version. Another determining factor is price.

Thanks for talking with us, Poonam!


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