Short Book Review: The Amazon Way by John Rossman

SBR: The Amazon Way is a book about fourteen leadership principles that the author learned from Jeff Bezos during his time at Amazon. Principles are fine, but at its core, it’s a fanboi book, perhaps one of many, which seeks to justify the abusive behavior of a successful man.

Leaving that aside, it is a simply written book, almost mediocre, but that mediocrity makes it accessible. It can be used to challenge something that is totally broken in your organization. For example, if it lacks focus on the customers, or if it’s callous about data and what it tells.

Funnily enough, I can’t find the book on Amazon India right now. Except for the audio version.

To read or not to read: Not for improving your IQ or general knowledge, but it can be a good tool to facilitate a discussion about leadership principles in an organization, which is the context in which it had landed in my lap too.

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