Kindle Deals on Books by Anita Nair, Ramchandra Guha, Kiran Nagarkar and More…

Here are some interesting current deals on Kindle. The prices are likely to change. Do check them before ordering.

Spy Princess

The story of a descendant of Tipu Sultan who became the only Asian secret agent in Europe in WWII.

Rs. 75/-


 The hilarious first English book of Kiran Nagarkar. A personal favorite of mine.

Rs. 52/-


A collection of essays by the eminent historian Ramchandra Guha.

Rs. 119.60


The story of one of the earliest women artistes to seize the opportunities of recording technology by Vikran Sampath.

Rs. 89.40


The novel introducing the character of Inspector Gowda by our very own Anita Nair.

Rs. 48/-


The much talked about book on the unfortunate case of Aarushi’s murder.

Rs. 119.60


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