Invitation to Bring Your Own Book (BYOB) Party

BYOB Party Invite

It’s that time again for book-lovers and book-loving aspirants to meet  and party— bookish style. Bring a book you really like and talk about it. Food and drink is on the house! We have wonderful co-hosts this time in Vaishali and Arun from Reading Hour.



So, what really happens in a BYOB Party?

Everyone brings a book and talks about it. Conversations follow and they are good. So are the refreshments!

You can take a look at what happened in some of our earlier parties here:

Do I have to be there for the entire duration of four hours?

We aren’t closing doors or locking you in. But the party is best enjoyed if you are there for the entire duration and listen to people talk about a variety of books. Trust us, you won’t know how time flew.

Do I have to bring anything?

Nothing really. But if you have a copy of the book you want to talk about, you might want to bring it in. Other attendees might want to have a look, or you might want to read a paragraph from it.

I am an author. Can I bring a book written by me?

A good writer should be a voracious reader. It would be preferable if you brought a book you really like written by someone else,

Who are the organizers?

Worth a Read and Reading Hour.

Where is the party?

177-B, Classic Orchards Layout Phase 1
Bannerghatta Road, Behind Meenakshi Temple, Bangalore – 560076

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Shoot an e-mail to

Okay! I am ready to come. What do I do?

Just RSVP here and turn up on time!

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  1. A very good programme. Could similar programme be arranged for people (writers) abroad and in other states with help of post and E -mail. Thanks

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