Short Book Review: The Second Girl by David Swinson

The Second Girl by David SwinsonSBR: The Second Girl is an interesting piece of crime fiction featuring a closeted drug-addict ex-cop as the private investigator. Not much can be said without revealing the plot, but it makes an entertaining read. You may not like the protagonist. That is not a bad thing in my world, but some readers seem put off by that.

To read or not to read: Yes, if you are looking for a light, entertaining read.

Short Book Review: The Prisoner by Omar Shahid Hamid

The Prisoner by Omar Shahid HamidSBRThe Prisoner is completely different from another book by a similar name I have read and reviewed. This one is a suspense-thriller based in modern Karachi and takes you into the underbelly of the city. Unabashed about the corruption and police-crime-politics-army nexus, it makes an enlightening read. I don’t think that there is any extraordinary merit in the story or plot. But I liked reading the book just for the setting. Plus the characters are unapologetically gray. They are in an environment where survival is not possible without becoming a part of the corruption in the system. So the basic level of corruption in innate in everyone and doesn’t give rise to any dissonance. Despite that overarching amorality, they have their system of showing, judging and rewarding honor, loyalty, friendship and a sense of justice.

To read or not to read: Not if you are looking for a great thriller, but worth a read for insights into Pakistani society and politics.

Short Book Review: I Let You Go by Claire Mackintosh

I Let You Go by Claire MackintoshSBR: I Let You Go is a fairly well-received crime-suspense novel, which didn’t work for me. The suspense was maintained not so much by the story, but the way the author decided to offer or withhold crucial information from the reader. As a police procedural, it was perhaps a fine story. Looking to read a suspense novel, I felt cheated.

To read or not to read: I don’t give a strong yay or nay to this one. Read it if you are an avid suspense reader. Else you won’t miss much.