Apurva MathadApurva is a software engineer by profession, a photographer by passion and a writer by compulsion. A graduate of IIT Kanpur, he works for Google in Mountain View, CA. He loves his bike more than his computer though and travels at every possible opportunity. He adores quality cinema, Blues and Rock music, and good books.

Although he is a Kannadiga who has grown up in Tamil Nadu, people often mistake him for a Delhi boy and give their candid opinions of South Indians in his presence. He also finds himself at the receiving end of unsolicited confessions and childish tantrums of grown up people. In the guise of these weird occurrences, he finds stories chasing him. Stories of repression, guilt,  bigotry and betrayal, and stories of life that are often hidden behind the facade of normalcy.

For the first time, he has decided to unburden himself of stories and pen down a novel (Clarification: His novel is strictly fictional!).